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Justin Harlton

Evolution Law
PO Box 52065 Garneau
Edmonton, AB T6G 1C0

(587) 998-2351


After practicing as a litigation associate in Mountain View County, Alberta, Justin Harlton opened Evolution Law in July 2019. In order to provide affordable legal services to working-class Albertans in and around Edmonton, Justin does everything at Evolution Law, including web development, IT security, and the grunt work typically delegated to an assistant or student. To further cut down on overhead expenses and pass the savings on to his clients, Justin also provides virtual and mobile services out of his home office. While not every client or legal matter is suitable for limited-scope services, Evolution Law’s standard practice is to use limited-scope retainers whenever possible. Justin looks forward to speaking with you about whether his limited-scope services suit your needs.

Areas of Law

  • Employment Law
  • Insurance and Personal Injury
  • Landlord/Tenant Law
  • Administrative Law

Services Offered

  • Coaching
  • Going to Court
  • Drafting Documents
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Legal Opinions
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

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