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Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Services a website operated by the Alberta Legal Coaches and Limited Services Society. 92 verified lawyers are listed in our directory.

This website is provided as a free service to Albertans seeking limited scope legal services. Lawyers do not pay to be listed, nor does our Society receive any referral payments.

This directory began as a the Alberta Limited Legal Services Project, which was created in 2017 as a pilot project by a group of Albertan lawyers led by Rob Harvie KC of Harvie denBok Pollock and JP Boyd KC of the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, with generous support from the Alberta Law Foundation and Law Foundation of Ontario.

Following the pilot project's success, our Society was incorporated to oversee the project in 2020. Our Society's incorporation was completed by Asif Muhammad of Alger Zadeiks Shapiro LLP, who continues to maintain our Society's records.

Our current website was coded and designed by our Founding President Ken Proudman of BARR LLP, and its logo was designed by Jimmy. Ken donated the source code from his other websites, FamilyCounsel.ca, FamilyClient.ca, InstaLawyer.ca, and DivorceArbitrations.ca.

Our Society's Board


Ken Proudman

Vice President

Reena Herian
Accord Family Law


Megan Tupper
Long Family Law Group LLP


Heather Malaryk
Merak Law

Board Member

Christina Matthews
Macphail Harding

Board Member

Colin Basaraba
Dalton Basaraba LLP
(Sherwood Park)

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If you are looking to hire a lawyer for legal coaching, limited scope services, or otherwise require legal assistance, please use our Directory to search for a lawyer. If you have a concern or complaint about a specific lawyer, please address your concern directly with that lawyer's office or contact the Law Society of Alberta. If you have a business matter to discuss with our Society, please contact one of the above Board members.

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